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Medical devices & healt products

International marketing and distribution of medical, surgical devices and health products

OTTOPHARMA provides access to the full spectrum of pharmaceutical products.

We is dedicated to providing an ethical, compliant and effective patient access solutions for thousands of medicines across almost every therapeutic area.

Patient safety is paramount and central to our core values and procedures.

We has access to an extensive portfolio of medicines, sourced either direct from manufacturer or through our validate supply chain to provide the highest quality medicines at competitive prices.
OTTOPHARMA Is HeartSine Authorized Distributor

HeartSineTechnologies, a division of Physio-Control, advances the deployment of lifesaving defibrillation therapy for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest innon-traditional areas of care. Heart Sinewas founded in 1998 to continue innovative development of advanced life saving products for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. Heartsine's passion to innovate began in 1967, when we invented the first mobile defibrillator and changed the way the world delivered emergency care. In they ears since, Heart Sinehas continued its passion to innovate by advancing mobile defibrillation and lifesaving technology.
Logo Ottopharma
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